Program introduction

Business loans
Personal loans
Increased supervision P2P network credits more "money scene"
Security company "and not sharing" private-debt defaults during the year v
Central Bank officials said small and micro enterprise "financing your" change
P2P regulations or rules issued in late October, experts say rates will fall to 10%
Micro-credit companies to explore issue preferred shares of "thirst" supervision plan perfect quit mechanism
3ยท30 new French twists and Guangzhou-Shenzhen mortgage rates hard to loose
Microfinance wind venture "grassroots" benefit
The CBRC set up SME loans "ceiling" on strictly controlling the associated loan guarantees
There will be intellectual property pledge loan guarantee funds

Guangzhou century melting gold financial service in June 2011 with the Finance Office of Guangdong Province, approved the establishment of the company, is the first to get all Guangzhou Guangzhou regional micro-credit licence to operate microfinance companies, Guangdong Province is one of the first ...

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